If you are looking for some ways on how you can sport your favorite fashion accessories like the boho scarf, you are exactly reading the right article. This article will tell you some tricks on how to top your simple outfit into a fabulous one using boho scarf.

During colder season, boho scarf are so popular. But there are also some women who used this accessory even during summer time. If you are enthused enough, you can actually both used boho scarf with either a breezy summer dress or a fall blazer. The idea is for you to lean how this boho scarf can be used accordingly to achieve a great boho chic fashionable look and be like a celebrity.

The first thing you have to consider in wearing scarves is the color and pattern that are going to use. There are varieties of boho scarf’ style you can choose in the market. Your chosen colors and pattern may depends on where you will going to use it; casual occasions or business one. Besides from these two aspects, you also have to spend some time skimming through the different fabrics. Some boho scarf was specifically designs for the summer and some are made to protect you from the cold. Make sure that you buy a boho scarf that can perfectly match any outfits available in your closet.

For a clearer view on how to wear rightly the boho scarf, give a glance to Nichole Richie, a fashion icon that gives proof of a great devotion for scarves. The accessory seems to have a central importance in her look. Usually, she uses animal prints and pastel colors boho scarf that can complement her overall appearance. Take a look on how she ties her colorful scarf and try to do it to yourself. On the other hand, you can also experiment and come up with your own way of wearing boho scarf.

Boho scarf can be worn around your neck or waist, it can also be worn as hair accessories, or wear it on your wrist, ankle or even in your bag. Whatever style you want to wear it or in whenever place you choose to put it, wearing boho scarf can absolutely change your overall appearance dramatically. Moreover, each of these ways of wearing scarves can also have many alterations. For instance, you can wear it wrapped around your neck with both end hanging in front of you or on the back or one is in front and the other is at the back. Other ways, is by doing cute knots or as a necktie. Same things goes when used it in hair, you can fold it into a triangle and tying it around the back of the neck, or folding it into a ribbon and wearing it as a head band.

One thing is for sure, like a celebrity, if you wear boho scarf properly, you will, without a doubt, get a fashionable, stunning look you ever wanted!

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