Boots are perfect pair of shoe during winter, but in summer, nothing can beat pairing your outfit with fabulous sandals. Women’ sandals are a great way to pamper your feet and be in style during this hot summer days. As far as sandals is concern, wearing the wedge sandals are a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Wedge sandals can be worn for any type of occasion, whether for a casual barbeque or a day on the boardwalk with friends. This type of footwear is not just stylish but also comfortable as well. You can find hundred of fabulous styles available on the market today, or you can also go online shopping for this fashionable footwear.

Finding the perfect wedge sandals can be quite a daunting task to you. There are so many brands that manufacture different wedge sandals’ styles. The most popular are the Dolce Vita sandals where you can see all sort of wedges, be it a high wedge, a low wedge, espadrille wedges, wooden wedge or leather-covered ones, you can absolutely find the perfect one that will suit your personal taste and needs.

Dolce Vita is produced by two Americans in 1991. The brand produces shoes and clothing for fashion forward women who are on a budget. This is the main reason why many women sought after the brand. Also, the brand designs women footwear that is always stunningly stylish, glamorous and fabulous. You can find great Dolce Vita sandals at, a reputable site that offers everything you want in a shoe particularly in a wedge. Buy “Jolt” for only $95, it’s a classic espadrille wedge that everyone loves. Go for “Julie” if you want a platform wedge that makes a mark or wear “Jill”, your must- have sling back wedge, perfect to pair with skinny jeans or favorite little black dress.

When it comes to women’s wedges, lots of modern women go for wearing Dolce Vita sandals, basically because it provides a maximum level of comfort and it is always trendy without the need to spend a lot of money.

In order to get the complete fashionable look with your wedges, it is also important that you know the right outfits that can work well with it.

Wedge can be dressed up or dressed down. They are as versatile as high heel and can look fashionable even when pair with fashion sportswear, athletic apparel, summer shorts, skirts, office attire or any dressy type wardrobe you have. Moreover, there are women wedges that have a design on the side of wedges. This kind of wedges is totally eye catching and stylish, and can be included into your overall outfit for an added touch of style and flair.

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