If you love wearing comfortable dress and showing your unique style, then you must be loving boho dresses. Boho dresses are very colorful and cheering dresses to own. In fact, not only the mainstream people but even Hollywood celebrities are seen wearing this kind of style. Among these celebrities are Heidie Klum, Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens and so much more.

Bohemian style is type of fashion originally popularized by the Bohemians, a group of people who rejected traditional moral values and lived a nomadic lifestyle. There is no rule to follow on wearing this style. And what makes this even more exciting and popular is that it projects a cool, eccentric and romantic look in the easiest way you can imagine.

Boho dresses works well with varieties of accessories ranging from necklaces, scarves, belts, bracelets, bandannas and more. You could choose to use all these accessories at once if you want to go all out, but you could also cut down on the loudness by using a scarf, or maybe a belt and definitely earrings, a necklace and bracelets. All these accessories bring out the beauty of the outfit, and builds confidences and grace in the person wearing it.

1. Look at some thrift stores and vintage boutiques and find authentic pieces of boho dresses. One of the best boho dress item is the a paisley maxi dress, seek out for these. Pick a dress in earthy colors, ethnic prints and natural fabrics.

2. Layer your boho dresses with any other item to achieve a real bohemian look.

3. Accessorize but not over do it. Beaded headbands, fringed scarves, macrame necklaces, leather belts, thin bangles, bone earrings and tasseled handbags are iconic of the boho look–but if you use too many of them at once, you’ll overwhelm your outfit.

4. Pair you boho dresses with a straooy sandals suede boots or moccasins. Colors for boho shoes usually comes in brown, tan, beige and black but you can wear intricately beaded or mirrored shoes with a relatively simple outfit.

5. For boho hairstyle look, you can just wear it loose, braid it or twist it into a messy bun and hold it up with chopsticks or bone hairpins- very easy, isn’t it?

6. Go for a natural and simple look by keeping your makeup in natural, basic and fresh way.

7. Check your overall look by facing in front of the mirror before leaving your house and make sure that you don’t look overworked, busy or shapeless. Keep in mind “less is more”.

Make your look effortless and have fun wearing these fashionable clothes. Boho dresses are a must have women clothes that should always be present on her wardrobe!

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