Boho tunics are one of the essential articles of clothing for every woman. Though popularized in the 60s and 70s and associated mostly with hippies, tunics have since transitioned into modern Boho-chic style that have become favorites of celebrities like Jeniffer Anniston, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller and Mischa Barton.

The popularity of boho tunics can be credited to the fact that they can be worn all year round. With the myriad designs and materials to choose from, Boho-chic fans can always find something they can wear for every season. The following serves as a guide on which tunics work best for each particular time of the year:


Hanging out in the park, taking out of town trips, hosting dinners for your friends, Spring is one of the most relaxing seasons of the year. Comfort and liveliness are key in dressing up for Spring, so take your cue from the medley of colors from bountiful flora and fauna that come out at this season. Pick out bright and colorful tunics that are made of materials that are comfortable enough to move around in. Linen and cotton boho tunics work best for this season, especially if you wear them with cut-off denim shorts and sneakers.


Summer days can leave you feeling hot and sticky, which calls for clothes that let the air come through. Tunics that are perfect for the summer season are bright and breezy fabrics like chiffon. These are perfect for lounging around the porch while sipping a glass of mojitos or to cover up your swimsuit-clad bodies during an afternoon at the beach. Try to avoid dark colored tunics at this time of year because they will only draw in more heat to your body; instead, opt for light colors like white, baby blue, and peach, among others.


The daft and chilly autumn air and the ubiquity of earth tones can make people feel melancholic. To battle the autumn blues, choose boho tunics that have vivid ethnic prints like Ikat or African tribal designs. One of the best things about wearing tunics is that they are easy to layer, so they can always be worn beneath a bolero cardigan or a suit jacket, or with shirts underneath, for more warmth.


For snowy winter days and nights, there are boho tunics that are made in thick and/or insulating materials to keep you warm. Wool and knitted sweater tunics are good for this season because they trap the heat in. Just throw an overcoat on, and wrap a nice printed scarf around your neck and you’re all set for those outdoor walks to the office or café.

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