Who doesn’t love a film set in a beautiful country where the characters get to live the life they want. Everyone who dreams of living la vie boheme and are caught up in responsibilities such as keeping a well-paying job to send the kids to school and to pay for the mortgage feels a pang of jealousy whenever we see characters in film doing just what we so lust for.

Take the stories of these strong, passionate and beautiful women as an inspiration for our dreams of one day being able to pack our lives into a suitcase and just travel the world. You will find that their suitcases are filled with boho tunics that only seem to make them more fabulous in their global adventures.

Eat Pray Love- Soul searching never looked so great as Julia Robert’s character Elizabeth Gilbert as she goes around Italy, India and Indonesia. Seeing her struggle with her meditation in that green kaftan makes you envious because, you have to admit, she can still be cute despite her complaints. Along the way, she crosses paths with a kindered spirit, Felipe, and looking as beautiful as she does in her skin (and clothes), the man couldn’t help falling in love with her.

Mamma Mia!- Set in an idyllic island in Greece, with its ivory coasts and cool blue waters, the film is a perfect setting for living the bohemian lifestyle. The mother-daughter tandem of Donna (Meryll Streep) and Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) dons beautiful boho tunics throughout the film. Donna goes about the daily motions of maintaining a tourist inn and organizing her daughter’s wedding in style—complete with singing and dancing . Free-spirited Sophie, meanwhile, looks gorgeous in her search for her father and in her last minute adventures before the wedding.

Vicky Christina Barcelona- What makes this film a winner in the boho department is its good narrative and its cinematographic shots of Barcelona. A story of two American who came to Spain to visit friends, the film also offers a very interesting contrast of its female characters: Vicky (played by Scarlet Johansen), a free-spirited woman who’s up for any adventure who loves to wear comfortable jeans, shorts and tops in lively colors; and, Christina (played by Rebecca Hall), who prefers earth-toned tops which mirrors her cautious, practical and serious personality. One particular character of note is that of Penelope Cruz who played Maria Elena, an artist and passionate lover. Tempestuous and charming, she entices the viewers with her white eyelet tunic and intense gaze.

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