A variety of Equipment tops are all the rage today. The brand’s oversized boyfriend shirts have taken a few transformations which have led to the emergence of newly designed tops out of its influence.

Blouses are definitely a staple in women’s closets, so it is only natural that they own a few of them. They love mixing and matching, experimenting on several styles that suits their taste.

• Button Down Shirts

These are a hit with the ladies. They are practically the most versatile of the brand’s line, because these tops can be paired with different bottoms. Equipment has a surplus of great designs made for their line of button down shirts.

The cut and designs of their button down shirts perfectly fit the woman’s physique, effortlessly giving it a silhouette that is very feminine.

Equipment’s button down shirts styles range from the casual and simple, to the elegant like the Brett Tie Neck in Baltic blue. The ribbon tie design at the neck loosely rests in front, giving it a feminine look. This is one of the shirts women should invest on because it offers great style versatility.

If you’re going for the androgynous look, pick button down shirts with much simpler designs in solid dark hues. You can go for black, brown, nude, and neutral colors. You can accessorize so you could look fashionable and trendy. If you want to channel that laid-back look, roll up your sleeves up your forearms and show your delicate wrists. This is a simple style tweak that gives a classic shirt a modern twist.

This line of tops has a wide range of colors and patterns. Regardless of the type of button down shirt you choose, it is guaranteed that you can pair it up with any kind of bottom, like skirts, jeans, or shorts. They are so easy to find shoes to match it with. A nice ensemble that could go with your button down shirt would include a nice pair of chic jeans and flats or sandals.

• Boyfriend T-Shirts

Equipment is the pioneer of oversized shirts, and it was started by Christian Retoin back in the 80s, which became a sure hit among the fashion elite. This was all the rage for women back then, and the now labeled “boyfriend” t-shirt is making a comeback along with other Equipment tops. The oversized design still shows the subtle curves of a woman.

Equipment has given the boyfriend shirt a new twist, which can be seen in the line’s current collection. You can pair it with denim jeans, shorts, short skirts, and even tight fitting pants.

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