It is every woman’s wardrobe staple- flat sandals! We all know that flat sandals or shoes when worn with the right outfit, really make your overall style come alive. One of my favorite flats sandals are the black one like the Ilana from the Dolce Vita flats sandal collection. The Ilana is very stylish, comfortable and always on the go. It has a tassel on the strappy leather sandal of it, making you stand out from the crowd. The flat sandals will only cost you $89, reasonable enough!

Black flat sandals works well with almost any available fashion outfit of your closet. The color makes it as versatile footwear as they go perfectly well with your innovative ensembles and is work appropriate too. Perhaps, you already know how to wear black flat sandals accordingly, but for some women it is a question. Well, of, course, it actually depends on your needs, personal taste and on the event you are going to use it.

The Dolce Vita flats sandals “Ilana” is good to wear for any type of occasion, be it a casual date or even when go to a party. It gives fun and makes the wearer look fabulous most especially if it is integrated with contrasting hues like fuchsia, red or even purple. On the other hand, if you want to go classy, then stick to a black or white dress or suit.

To give you further ideas, here are more types of flats you can choose from.

Black T- strap flats- Usually use for everyday wear like going shopping, hanging with friends, fetching kids at school or anything else which is always on the go. Black t- strap flats are very casual and are easy to wear. You can pair this footwear quickly with your jeans and a basic tee, skirts in any length; short or long, or any casual attire you wear on a daily basis.

Embellished flat shoes – Going to wedding cocktail or a party but not fan of wearing high heel shoes? Try embellished flat shoes instead! They are a good choice for any formal event. They are delicate and comfortable, plus, they can easily combine with any dressy outfit.

Black flat flip flops – this type of footwear are usually seen on the beach, but can be worn anytime and anywhere you want. Flat flip flops are considered as the most comfortable footwear that are always stylish and trendy.

Moreover, you can also opt for ballerinas or pumps with feminine details like bow or sequins, which can adds grace to any outfit. Today, flat sandals are no longer limited to just thongs or flip flops, you can choose many styles that will best suit your fashion sense. Like with the Dolce Vita flats footwear collection, sure you can find the perfect style for you!

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