Men’s Denim has been around for a long time. The name comes from the French serge de Nimes, the name for sturdy fabric. Modern denim trousers have evolved into a vast range of styles and colors. Here’s how to pick the color and style that suits you. Denim can be worn just about any time, but certain colors work better for specific occasions. The traditional indigo dark blue denim jeans are better suited for more formal occasions, while white jeans are great for beach and general everyday wear. Black denim jeans are good for a night out on the town. For everyday wear, go for the classic stonewash jeans. Here are the types of men’s denim that you should know.

Skinny - Jeans that are tapered down to your ankles are great for making your legs look thinner. You can buy them with the money you’ll save by not having to go to the gym.

Bootcut - These are also known as flares and were originally designed to fit over cowboy boots, hence the name. They look good if you have an athletic build and if you have wider hips, because the flares at the ankles will counterbalance the overall look.

Slimfit - Slimfit jeans, as with skinny jeans, are good for athletic body types, so if you are tall and lean this would be the best choice for you. Straight - Straight cut jeans sit on your natural waistline and are slim over the hips. They are a classic style and flatter the tall and lean body types, similar to the slimfit styles.

Cargo - Cargo jeans are slightly looser fitting than the slimfit or straight cut jeans and look best on heavier body types. The multitude of pockets usually found on cargo jeans allows lots of functionality, but from a fashion perspective, most cargo wearers leave the pockets empty.

Baggy/Loose - As the name suggests, these jeans have a wider, looser fit and typically have a slight taper from the thigh to the ankle. The looser fit is ideal for those of us who have a heavier frame, but you need to look for a size that allows a few extra inches to show the shape of your body without hugging it. So choose your men’s denim jeans with care and boost your self-esteem. A pair of well-fitting jeans selected for your physique can be worn on just about every occasion.
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