Among the most basic type of women clothes consider today are the beautiful “dresses”, in fact, it have ruled the fashion industry for a long time. Women’s dresses are very versatile as it can be worn for almost any occasions, whether it is a formal wedding ceremony or informal beach party. Dress can reflect the culture and level of self confidence of a woman who wear it. It is a piece of garment that can show off women’s elegancy and characteristic instantly.

Women’s dresses comes in all colors and designs you can imagine, and as a woman, she must able to make a right decision of choosing the right dress to wear during different occasions or events. A fashionable woman must also keep herself updated with the latest trends and happenings in the fashion world so she could dress up timely and accordingly.

So, what are the must-have dresses that should be available in her wardrobe?

Shirt Dress
Typically features a shirt collar and sleeves. Shirt dress has a button- down bodice and often includes a self-belt or some way to separate the bodice from the skirt. You can find this dress in full knee length or slightly below-the-knee-length skirts. Shirt Dresses are perfect for women who go to work or as church attire. Match your dress with a pearl or a scarf for a more classical appeal.

This type of dress is very adorable and playful that little girls, and even grown- up girls, love wearing. Sundress usually come in summer-weight cotton, bright colors and floral patterns making it so comfortable to wear. Thin, spaghetti-style straps or halter tops are common identifiers. Choose the style that appeals to you the most.

Maxi Dresses
Perfect for casual and everyday wear. Maxi dresses can be both comfortable and stylish at the same time, the reason why it becomes so popular to many fashionista out there! The maxi dresses are usually made of soft and overflowing materials. They are bound to enhance your personality. You can also put some accessories with your maxi dress to add a bit of glam.

Women’s dresses can be bought from a top designer in the world, but that doesn’t really matter. What really matter is that you feel good and comfortable when you are wearing your chosen dress. Only a woman who is comfortable with what she wear, can carry the dress well, otherwise the prettiest dress can look quite awkward. Your dress must also fit your body properly and the design must suit your height and proportion as well. Remember that the dress you wear can simply say a lot of things about you and your personality.

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