A fashionable piece of clothing that is used to add the beautiful appearance and style of any woman- the scarves. Women scarves have been in the fashion world for many years now. More and more women are becoming addicted to wear this simple piece of cloth. Scarves are a women accessories that should always be present in your wardrobe.

There are many ways to wear women scarves. You can wrap around your neck, sway it with your body to give you both style and protection. Yes, they can be a great protection by keeping you warm during the colder days. They are not made entirely to give you great look but warmth also.

Scarves when used during cold days are often matched with an arm warmers and a bonnet to tolerate freezing temperature. Moreover, this fashion accessory can also work well with a pair of gloves, mittens and more. Imagine how great wearing this piece of clothing to warm up our body instead if wearing those very heavy and unfashionable thermal clothing.

Among the hottest of women scarves styles today that can help us give warm and at the same time create a chic look are the Pashmina Wrap, Chunky Wool Scarf , Silk Scarf, Plaid, Fur, Vintage Scarf, Leopard and my favorite one, the Boho scarf.

Boho scarf as compared to jewelry are an exceptional accessories that can elevate your style and expand your outfit combinations without looking flashy. It can add a little bit of exotic flair to your style, showing your own personality and uniqueness. A real must- have in any fashinosta’s wardrobe.

Boho scarf are usually based from an ethnic design such as Ikat, paisley, florals, tribal print, Batik, and anything with ethnic motifs in rich and earthy colors. Whatever style you choose, boho scarf can surely enhance your casual outfit. If you are looking for top designs, Johnnywas can offer you the best one. Among the popular choice of many women are the Odette Scarf, Butterfly Field Garden Scarf, Winery Juliet Scarf, Forever Joy Scarf, Rainforest Tropical Scarf, Miller Change Scarf and the Jill Scarf which is available in variety of colors. There are lot more styles and designs you can find at Johnny Was. The price range from $68 to almost $200, quite affordable isn’t it?

Boho scarf can undeniably reveal a unique sense of joy, peace, warmth and kindness in you and those around you. They are amazingly elegant, and a great way to express beauty and style. Don’t be scared to experiment your own style with boho scarf. Get the many looks as you want from it and have fun. See fashion icons like Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, Joss Stone and try their techniques in wearing the boho scarf.

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