Men’s bags have turned a wonderful leap from decades past, they now have several styles to choose from in order to appease the styles of modern men. However, women too can work men’s bags as they see fit. We are now going into the age of androgyny, where women too can simply look confidently beautiful and powerful without looking so feminine.

The question now is, how would women dress up and use men’s bags as accessories? Simple, with this article, we can guide you into turning yourself into one androgynous eye-candy with simple clothes and having men’s bags as accessories.

When You Mean Business
Women are now also seen in suits, making them even fiercer when it comes to doing business. What you should do is to have a tailor made suit, customized of course to fit your need and body. Always go for striking color combinations like contrasting ones, black and white, gray and white, and so on. The suit has always been the men’s bags of business men, you too can work it too. Go for leather ones that can either be slung on the shoulders or be held by hand. Make sure that the shoulder straps are detachable for a clean hand carry look. Your outfit should always be neat and crisp and your hair should also be neat and clean.

Rocking the Artist Look
This one should be tried with a bit of creativity. Remember that artists are known for sticking anally with their principles and making their life known with simple how they wear their clothes. A very simple way to rock the artist look is to just wear a plain white shirt, you can even wear an oversized one for a sexier look. Have paint blotches and splashes on certain parts but not on the whole shirt, having a space that is empty or clean is very much advisable. Wear torn pants and you can also add smudges of paint for added effect. The artisan tote is a kind of men’s bags that’s being strut by metrosexual men today. It has several pockets that can be utilized to put your makeup in a certain organized manner, which is very convenient but it’s actually used for paint tubes and brushes. Let your hair as messy as possible, as if you have woken up from bed for best results.

Men’s bags are great to experiment with, they also look great on women!

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