“We can know a man by his watch, while woman by her bag” An all time favorite saying of many fashionista out there. These two things- watch and bags- are the two most essential fashion accessories a woman or man carries in their everyday life. However, in this modern era, both watch and bag, are not simply an accessory but also show a concept of life. Yes! When a watch or a bag is matched perfectly with different clothes you are not just making a fashion statement but more of that, you are showing your personal individuality.

Like the boho bags, they are perfect for creating your unique fashion style. They are usually characterized as a style of oversized bags or purse with a semi-circular shape, a slouchy posture and long strap designed, worn over the shoulder. But then, you can find many different sizes and shapes available in the market today. They are made from soft, flexible materials like anodyne leather, making them looks ‘slouchy’.

There are many celebrities shown carrying this popular woman’s fashion accessory. Among this are Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, Joss Stone and so much more. If you are have one, there is no right time but to get and own today. Women love bags, and boho bags could totally make you feel and look fashionable.

Moreover, you must know that different boho bags sizes and designs could also reflect women’s different characters, styles and personality. To give you some idea, continue reading this article.

Large boho bags can make people think you are confident. They are pragmatic. However, women who love to carry large boho bags seldom change it. This is because they always want to look new and always up-to- date with the world of bohemian style. When it is worn over the shoulder, you can show your thoughtfulness. Shoulder bags are also seen independent and seldom influenced by the crowd. Carrying boho bags in brilliant colors or with jewelries or small metal sequins displayed usually display that a woman wants to get the attention from others and always want to stand out from the crowd.

Carrying boho bags can also portray your creativeness most especially if it has a unique designs or novel decorations, you will surely look totally fascinating and easy-going effortlessly.

Aside from the different shapes, sizes, styles and colors, a boho bag usually comes with buttons or zipper as well. And if you choose wearing this kind of bag, you are characterized as impulsive women. You often act and say without hesitation. Moreover, if the buttons and zippers are too many, then you may be exposing an image of a bag girl.

Boho bags are a great way to show your great qualities!

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