The great thing about the boho chic style is that it has an effortless natural beauty to it and girls look great in their own skin but of course, the purpose of this article is to enhance that to noticeable and eye-catching levels. So how does a boho chic rock it? Here are simple tips that you can easily follow in order to get that gorgeous boho chic style as if you didn’t even try.

Wearing it Baggy
If you think ghetto gangsters are the ones who only wear clothes baggy style – you’re wrong! Boho chic too wear baggy clothes in such a way that it’s charming and adorable. The baggy look should not be daggy and in order to achieve this you must wear clothes that drape or flow but also fit well, not two sizes larger. The look and feel should be nothing short of comfortable. Be careful pulling this look and you might end up looking like a homeless person, too tight and you’ll look like you’re trying too hard you hit the opposite of the look.

You should also know how to layer and mix your clothes well, try form-fitting items with looser items. As much as possible, use soft fabrics that feel and look great on skin.

Celebrities as Muse
You can often see celebrities rocking the boho chic look and you can learn from these divas. Nicole Ritchie, Vannessa Hudgens and other great stars out there look great with this style so why not follow their look closely? It’s important to have an idea of an outfit and you can easily copy them from these stars, a tangible idea is definitely something you can use. Adopting their style should be easy, you don’t have to buy items from designer labels, just look for similar items but aren’t similar in price.

Being Yourself
The effortless part here is that you are not trying to be like someone else. Take on your own personality and just let things flow. Be true to yourself, being a boho chic means you are confident and celebrates your individuality well. Your personality will add that color that is missing in your whole look.

The Hair as the Crown
Hair here is important and great thing about here is that you don’t have to bother with a flat iron. Just keep your hair free and in its natural form though volume and flared ends are really the way to go. Try to play with your wavy whisps and keep that around your face if you want to tie your hair.
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