Guess Sweaters make comfortable and classic winter staples. It lets women of all sizes achieve flattering appearance and brings out the sexiness and edge inside them without really showing skin. In shopping Guess sweaters, it is very important to choose styles that suit your body shape. This article is a brief guide to choosing sweaters that flatter women with large busts.

Style & cut - If you have a large bust, the neckline style of a sweater is a very important consideration. Necklines that lengthen the upper body are very flattering for women with large breasts. Think V necks, scoop necks, sweetheart necklines and wrap styles. Make sure you avoid high necklines like crew necks and boat necks, because they tend to add further width to your upper body.

Sleeves - The sleeves can also have a significant influence on your appearance. Ideally look for plain, fitted styles, because you don’t want any added distractions in the same visual line as your chest. This means steering clear of puff and gathered sleeves. Also try to avoid sweaters that have sleeves that end in line with your chest, because they will add extra visual weight to this area. Long sleeves are generally much more flattering.

Fitting - When you have large breasts the best fit tends to be semi fitted, rather than very tight. If you have a toned physique, fitted styles can look good as long as they are partnered with a good supportive bra. If you have a really large bust, you might like to try a minimize bra.

Length - When it comes to length, it is typically best to choose long sweaters, because they create length through your torso region. However, make sure that this works with your other figure considerations. For example, if you are short a short sweater is typically more flattering.

Color & print - Plain, dark colored sweaters suit women with large breasts, because they help to make the upper body look slimmer. Generally, you want to avoid prints or light colors because they can add further width to your bust line.

Fabric - Look for sweaters made from smooth fabrics like cashmere, merino wool, cotton or linen blends. If you want to downplay your chest area, avoid textured styles, because they will add extra bulk. This means steering clear of boucle, angora, mohair and chunky cable styles.

Decoration & details - Avoid sweaters that feature decoration or detailing through the upper body, because they will add more weight to your chest area. This means steering clear of sweaters with detailed front panels, tucks at the shoulders, chest pockets, bust frills or neckline details. If you want to wear some pretty detailing, look for styles that feature this on the hemline or on the bottom of longer sleeves.

During the grey of winter the colorful women sweater can brighten up the day and lift up the spirits of women. So don’t think of women sweaters as a garment without style and just a clothing that can make you look baggy. The correct choice of style and fit could do wonders, and of course, the brand of the sweater also matters. So shop women’s sweater at Guess only. Guess sweaters are the best style sweater out there in an affordable price.
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