Men are known for their practicality and we can clearly see that by what sort of bag they are using. You may notice your boyfriend lugging around the same bag for pretty much anything, that is normal but it doesn’t mean that you should let it happen. You can do something about it, you can try giving him men’s bags as gifts so he has some options to choose from.

First of all, you must understand what men’s bags are and what sort of bag you should give your man. It goes hand in hand and the same as women have several bags for different occasions and environments, so do men have different types of men’s bags to suit the occasion.

Office or Work Environment
Suitcases are often the ones recommended in these settings but of course, it depends upon the position and salary of your boyfriend. The higher his salary, the more expensive his suitcase should be. For classic look, always go for the color of black but you can also turn to the color of gray in the working environment. His three piece suit should also be accessorized by an amazing suitcase.

Men can carry several types of bags in this setting. Men don’t carry much items so a small shoulder bag should do good, the ones tourists are often seen with. You can buy funky ones or with clean designs from Guess in different fabrics.
Though backpacks are probably the ultimate casual bags, it has become boring and will make your man look like a college student.

Hold-alls on the other hand is a form of bag that can carry pretty much anything, hence the name. It is the male version of the woman’s tote. It can be slung to the shoulder or be held by hand, and the best thing is it can also much outfits very well.

Want to get a weekend get away? Let him carry an awesome duffel bag. Duffel bags now have different designs to match the taste and ever changing style of the modern man. Colors vary and designs are increasing every day. A duffel bag can carry loads of items, making it perfect for a weekend getaway. Though men would probably just pull out a backpack out of nowhere, duffel bags has that appeal that makes men sexy and attractive. It can be slung up to the shoulder or carried by hand and is one of the most sought out men’s bags out there.

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