Men’s bags are just one collection of the many items Guess is well-known for. While the label is popular for its clothing line as well as other fashion accessories, the impact it has delivered with their bag collection has been quite impressive. And as a result, Guess is gaining more popularity with their men’s bags these days.

The designer label has been offering a variety of new trendy designs very now and then, and this is the reason why Guess is at the top of the men’s bags category. This has caught the eye of the many fashion conscious men out there. With the wide array of styles and colors, Guess is definitely the brand to check out if you’re looking to own one of their collection of men’s bags. But what types of bags do these gentlemen look for?

The first one that became an instant hit is the messenger bag, which is an oversized satchel that is akin to those carried by mailmen in the early days. It offers a convenient space for guys to store their books, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. This is probably the most popular and the most common type of bag that guys use, because of it has the convenience of a purse without sacrificing masculinity.

Then we have the ever reliable duffle bag that guys use for short trips, like a quick vacation or a visit to the gym. Guys generally do not pack as much as girls, so they don’t have the need to carry large pieces of luggage with them whenever they travel. Duffle bags have just the right size, convenient, and they can really hold everything guys need, from gym clothes to beachwear for summer trips. Guys can comfortably pack everything in a duffle bag for a short weekend trip.

Lastly, we have the briefcase. This is an old fallback male accessory, but they have change considerably from the hard boxes that they used to be. Today’s contemporary briefcases have more storage space, and therefore have more utility value than just for carrying paper documents to and from the workplace. Because of today’s boom in the electronic gadgets category, modern briefcases have special compartments to store just about anything: mobile smart phones, iPods, tablets, and laptops, as well as compartments for important papers.

Guess boasts of an amazing collection of men’s bags. They have trendy messenger bags, duffle bags, and briefcases for the modern urban man. They also have other types if you’re not much into those three, so you’ll surely find the bag you need. Guess bags are stylish and trendy, so they will definitely compliment any outfit a man wears.

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