Women's wedges are mostly associated with spring or summer footwear. But let me tell you, if you think that wedges can't be worn throughout the year, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of fabulous shoes. Now more than ever, women’s wedges designs are diverging from the standard sandal look - which means you and I can wear women’s wedges all year round! So what styles do you need to look out for winter, spring, summer and fall? Well here are some tips and suggestions to what type of wedges to wear for every season of the year.

Spring and Summer

Let's start with the sunny seasons of the year, spring and summer. The skies are blue and everyone seems brighter and happier, so it's only natural to have a pair of shoes that convey the season. So for the spring and summer I think you cannot go wrong with a pair of sandal wedges. Whether it's a slingback or a gladiator wedge, you really can't go wrong - and the sexier the better. Also when you want to wear a pair of wedges in the spring or summer, go with something that's lighter. Lighter colors like pastels or bright colors like yellow or orange, and interesting materials like canvas or even an espadrille wedge would be fabulous for the season.

Fall and Winter

Now, if you have a need to wear wedges in the colder seasons, there's no need to worry. There are a ton of fabulous and chic fall and winter wedges that are just waiting to be worn. One style that I feel is going to be the next big trend are wedge boots. Now more than ever, wedge boots are being seen on the runways and in the stores, and it is easy to see why. From a sexy tall boot to a functional and fabulous bootie, wedge boots are a great alternative to the ordinary boot.

For Every Season

If you are on the hunt for a wedge that you can sport all year round, nothing says functional than a pair of slip-on wedges. You can wear slip-on wedges to work, to a dinner out, on a date, and basically any other occasion where you would wear a pair of heels. Slip-on wedges are great the wear throughout the year because of the variety of different styles. You can go casual and wear a comfy clog wedge or dress it up with a chic peep toe wedge. Either way,whatever slip-on wedge style you choose, slip-on wedges are fashionable all year round.

Women’s wedges are a footwear staple that I feel every woman should wear. It doesn't matter if you are a young teen or a middle-aged woman, wedges can be worn by all. Plus with all the absolutely fabulous wedge styles out there - from sandals to wedge boots - there is really no reason that you can't wear them throughout the four seasons.
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