Men’s bags have turned a wonderful leap from decades past, they now have several styles to choose from in order to appease the styles of modern men. However, women too can work men’s bags as they see fit. We are now going into the age of androgyny, where women too can simply look confidently beautiful and powerful without looking so feminine.

The question now is, how would women dress up and use men’s bags as accessories? Simple, with this article, we can guide you into turning yourself into one androgynous eye-candy with simple clothes and having men’s bags as accessories.

When You Mean Business
Women are now also seen in suits, making them even fiercer when it comes to doing business. What you should do is to have a tailor made suit, customized of course to fit your need and body. Always go for striking color combinations like contrasting ones, black and white, gray and white, and so on. The suit has always been the men’s bags of business men, you too can work it too. Go for leather ones that can either be slung on the shoulders or be held by hand. Make sure that the shoulder straps are detachable for a clean hand carry look. Your outfit should always be neat and crisp and your hair should also be neat and clean.

Rocking the Artist Look
This one should be tried with a bit of creativity. Remember that artists are known for sticking anally with their principles and making their life known with simple how they wear their clothes. A very simple way to rock the artist look is to just wear a plain white shirt, you can even wear an oversized one for a sexier look. Have paint blotches and splashes on certain parts but not on the whole shirt, having a space that is empty or clean is very much advisable. Wear torn pants and you can also add smudges of paint for added effect. The artisan tote is a kind of men’s bags that’s being strut by metrosexual men today. It has several pockets that can be utilized to put your makeup in a certain organized manner, which is very convenient but it’s actually used for paint tubes and brushes. Let your hair as messy as possible, as if you have woken up from bed for best results.

Men’s bags are great to experiment with, they also look great on women!
Men are known for their practicality and we can clearly see that by what sort of bag they are using. You may notice your boyfriend lugging around the same bag for pretty much anything, that is normal but it doesn’t mean that you should let it happen. You can do something about it, you can try giving him men’s bags as gifts so he has some options to choose from.

First of all, you must understand what men’s bags are and what sort of bag you should give your man. It goes hand in hand and the same as women have several bags for different occasions and environments, so do men have different types of men’s bags to suit the occasion.

Office or Work Environment
Suitcases are often the ones recommended in these settings but of course, it depends upon the position and salary of your boyfriend. The higher his salary, the more expensive his suitcase should be. For classic look, always go for the color of black but you can also turn to the color of gray in the working environment. His three piece suit should also be accessorized by an amazing suitcase.

Men can carry several types of bags in this setting. Men don’t carry much items so a small shoulder bag should do good, the ones tourists are often seen with. You can buy funky ones or with clean designs from Guess in different fabrics.
Though backpacks are probably the ultimate casual bags, it has become boring and will make your man look like a college student.

Hold-alls on the other hand is a form of bag that can carry pretty much anything, hence the name. It is the male version of the woman’s tote. It can be slung to the shoulder or be held by hand, and the best thing is it can also much outfits very well.

Want to get a weekend get away? Let him carry an awesome duffel bag. Duffel bags now have different designs to match the taste and ever changing style of the modern man. Colors vary and designs are increasing every day. A duffel bag can carry loads of items, making it perfect for a weekend getaway. Though men would probably just pull out a backpack out of nowhere, duffel bags has that appeal that makes men sexy and attractive. It can be slung up to the shoulder or carried by hand and is one of the most sought out men’s bags out there.
Men’s bags are just one collection of the many items Guess is well-known for. While the label is popular for its clothing line as well as other fashion accessories, the impact it has delivered with their bag collection has been quite impressive. And as a result, Guess is gaining more popularity with their men’s bags these days.

The designer label has been offering a variety of new trendy designs very now and then, and this is the reason why Guess is at the top of the men’s bags category. This has caught the eye of the many fashion conscious men out there. With the wide array of styles and colors, Guess is definitely the brand to check out if you’re looking to own one of their collection of men’s bags. But what types of bags do these gentlemen look for?

The first one that became an instant hit is the messenger bag, which is an oversized satchel that is akin to those carried by mailmen in the early days. It offers a convenient space for guys to store their books, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. This is probably the most popular and the most common type of bag that guys use, because of it has the convenience of a purse without sacrificing masculinity.

Then we have the ever reliable duffle bag that guys use for short trips, like a quick vacation or a visit to the gym. Guys generally do not pack as much as girls, so they don’t have the need to carry large pieces of luggage with them whenever they travel. Duffle bags have just the right size, convenient, and they can really hold everything guys need, from gym clothes to beachwear for summer trips. Guys can comfortably pack everything in a duffle bag for a short weekend trip.

Lastly, we have the briefcase. This is an old fallback male accessory, but they have change considerably from the hard boxes that they used to be. Today’s contemporary briefcases have more storage space, and therefore have more utility value than just for carrying paper documents to and from the workplace. Because of today’s boom in the electronic gadgets category, modern briefcases have special compartments to store just about anything: mobile smart phones, iPods, tablets, and laptops, as well as compartments for important papers.

Guess boasts of an amazing collection of men’s bags. They have trendy messenger bags, duffle bags, and briefcases for the modern urban man. They also have other types if you’re not much into those three, so you’ll surely find the bag you need. Guess bags are stylish and trendy, so they will definitely compliment any outfit a man wears.
Many people may not agree, but the current designs of men’s bags have transformed into sexier and trendier styles, thanks to designer labels that offer them like American designer label Guess. It seems that there are a growing number of guys who demand stylish backpacks that they carry around all day.

There are a lot of reasons why men’s bags have become fashionable today. So now, we will try to unravel the mystery behind this perplexing transformation.

• Painless

Bringing the right kind of bag and putting it on to enhance your look is effortless and painless. It’s far easier than shaving, plucking your unibrow or wearing skirts. Men have now realized that bags can now be an extension of their looks, and they’ve finally taken advantage of this vital piece of information.

• It’s Practical

You can put all your stuff in and keep them safe while your hands are free to do whatever you want to do with them. What more can you ask for? Today’s busy life can be so demanding, making it a necessity to know how to multi-task, and you don’t want to hold on to your stuff when you need to do something important with your hands.

• Secret of the Few

Guys don’t normally wear their bags, so some take advantage of this by purchasing and using the most fashionable bag to stand out from the rest. Women can sometimes take notice and realize you have a sense of style by just looking at your bag.

• Stylish Modern Looks

There is a considerably increasing demand for men’s bags these days and most of what we see in the market are not that bad. Guess offers stylish duffel bags that you would love to carry and flaunt when you go on a weekend trip. The brand also has trendy messenger bags and cool backpacks that the younger boys can enjoy carrying.

Men’s bags are made of a variety of materials, from fabric, canvas, down to faux leather and even plant fiber. Most messenger and duffel bags are made of canvass, while briefcases are usually made of leather. There are also special bags that could be taken on certain events and places. Bags used for work are often briefcases with handles or detachable straps at the sides. Messenger bags can be worn with the strap going across the torso—perfect for casual events. Men’s bags are fashion accessories guys would love to have, so check out Guess’ bag collection to find the perfect one for you.
Whenever I have to give a gift for my dad, my boyfriend or guy’s friend, I always think of buying men’s bags. Bag, for me, are a great gift basically because they are men’s necessity. They are very useful in their everyday activities and more, can make them look fashionable. If you give bag as a present, they will be reminded of you whenever they take the bag with them.

In choosing men’s bags, there are various factors that you have to consider. These include the material, style, design, size, color, price and so on of the bag. To help you with, here’s a few name of men’s bag in different style you might opt to buy.

Among the popular choice are the tote bags for men. It comes in a square form shape and could hold many of mane personal items. Your man will surely like this style of bag as it not only spacious but are totally fashionable. Tote bags are very practical and convenient. You could place all your belongings such as documents, gadgets like digital cameras and so on. You will surely be noticeable with this kind of bag when walking along the street. You can easily pair them with casual outfit and appear like a free and wild man.

If your man is more of a professional type, business men’s bags are the ideal choice. This bag is not only perfect for carrying all kinds of documents and other things but also an important embodiment of personal style. Black and brown are the top choice of most men for this style of bag, these two colors can easily match with any of your clothing. Business bag can undeniably reveal your personality completely.

For sporty men, an ultimate sports bag can be a brilliant gift idea for him. For instance, a sport duffle bag which is ideal for men who often go to gym or travel a lot is a great choice. Choose a sport duffle bag with many side pockets so you can easily organize small things. Make sure that you buy one that has durable handles and zippers as you may pack a lot of items inside the bag making it heavier in weight. Your sport bag must need to be versatile, expandable and have an excellent quality all at the same time.

Lastly, the grooming kit case. Not just women but men also carry grooming items such as razor, soap, lotion and so on. Whether he is going for a vacation, camping, or hiking, a grooming kit case would make him a great company.

So, now you have a sort of idea of what men’s bag are great to give for your “boys”. You can easily determine which bag will suit best for them. You may browse different styles of men’s bag at Guess. Guess offer not only fashionable and stylish bag but also offer the best quality ever at lower price you can surely afford. Check it now!
Men’s bags are now considered as an essential part of a fashion. Not only it gives a stylish look to a man but is also useful fashion items for man’s everyday lifestyle. Before men could only choose between a backpack style of bag or a briefcase to carry all his belongings, or probably a sports bag of they are going to gym or having a short trips. But now, men have a lot more options when it comes to choosing bag that can fit both their personal taste and needs. Men’s bags come in a huge range of styles and materials ranging from luxury to basic, tote bag to messenger bag.

So, if it is your first time to get a bag on your own, Let me help you know what particular things you have to look in a bag and how you can be able to find a bag that is both masculine and practical.

First, is to pick a bag in a simple structured style. Look for clean straight lines and avoid curvy shapes and gathered materials. Probably, it would be ideal to start with buying typical men’s bags such as the messenger bag or a fishing bag as it he easiest style to make the transition into carrying a bag. Both types of bags are simply functional and practical to use. Look for a messenger bag that is not too small nor too big in size, so it would not look too feminine.

Bags with lots of pockets are a good pick as you can easily organize your small stuff and other technological wizardry like your laptop, your Blackberry, your flash drive, keys and wallet. As this is your first time to buy and wear a bag, keep them in neutral color like bag in black or brown color so you can easily combined them with any outfit. Avoid all patterns, designer logos and bright colors until you get used to the idea of a bag.

Men’s bags can be made from many different materials; leather, nylon, canvas and so much more. Choose one which you think will best fit your everyday lifestyle. Make sure that you select a bag in a brand that can provide you high quality of materials and innovative style like men’s bag in Guess. Consider you’re your requirements and tastes when acquiring a bag. Ask if you want something that is spacious and can hold everything or you want a regular one for your basic stuff. This way you can be assured that you get the best one that will match your personality and style.

The fashion for men’s bags is not going to disappear, visit Guess and find out their men’s bags collection. If you don’t want to get left behind when it comes to style, and found a bag that you’re comfortable with, there is no other brand than Guess.
Women always want herself to look attractive and stunning. She always do something new or wear something different each and everyday to get a beautiful and presentable appearance. However, she always want to make it simple trendy yet stylish. Certain things like watches, shoes, bags and scarves are what most women add to their outfit to give herself a more feminine touch. All of these has distinct features and uses but impact women on the same thing- to make her beautiful. Out of all these fashion accessories, the scarves, particularly the boho chic scarf, is the one that shows how trendy and stylish a woman is.

Scarves were designed mainly to protect our body and give us warm during colder days but now it is more of that, it is also something that show our class and status. And if you are thinking of what new styles to go with this season, the bohemian look is among the latest and you should try it yourself.

Bohemian or also known as boho chic style is combination of hippie and bohemian influences. Many Hollywood celebrities are actually seen sporting this style. Among them are Miller, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Zoe Kravitz, Joy Bryant, Kate Moss and Vanessa Hudgens.

And when it talks about boho fashion, the boho chic scarf is an excellent accessory to showcase your bohemian sense of style most especially during the colder winter season. Boho chic scarf can be more noticeable as compare to wearing your clothes and other jewelries that are hidden by your heavy winter gear. Boho chic scarf can undoubtedly highlight your style!

Another thing you will love about wearing boho chic scarf is that they are flexible that they can be worn as a necklace, headband, or as a belt. Boho chic scarf can also be found at a reasonable price. You will surely find yourself buying not just one but more fashionable boho chic scarves.

Here are some styling tips on how you can wear a boho chic scarf.

Layer it with a necklace for an ultra – chic look. For instance, you can matched your boho chic scarf with a long pearl necklace for a callsy, elegant look. Also you can perfectly pair your boho chic scarf with multiple chain necklace. However, if you are small and short in shape, you should be extra careful in doing this as you won’t like your neck accessory to overpower you short nature. Wearing a beaded necklace is also great pair to your boho chic scarf or lastly, you can wrap a thin chiffon boho scarf with a simple necklace for that twisted-woven look.

Aside from pairing your boho chic scarf with a necklace, you can also wear it as a necklace itself. In this way you don't have to wrap it back up again throughout the day. For a more fashionable look, you can wrap a rectangle scarf around your neck and tie a little knot at the back of your nape using a slim and lightweight boho chic scarf.

Lastly, you can wear your boho chic scarf as a headwrap or headband and create several fashionable looks.
Being a woman can be difficult most especially during this modern world. You have to think everyday what is best to wear. You have to always analyze what attire will make you look at your best and be fashionable. On the other hand, being a woman is fun and exciting as you have to discover many things about yourself, your preferences when it comes to clothing, shopping and more. If you are a woman who wants a new style to reveal, then consider learning the bohemian style. One of the popular fashion trends nowadays.

Bohemian or also known as boho chic style is a combination of casual, hippie 70s style and ethnic along with vintage. The best thing about wearing this style is it follows no rule. You just have to be yourself and express your own individuality. The style has also something to do with the love for nature and connection to world as well as adorn yourself with the richest flavors of cultures.

Wearing boho accessories are fun way to instantly and quickly get a boho chic look. And among the must- try is the boho chic scarf. It gathers a lot of attention and a perfect way to convey yourself.

There are many different types of boho chic scarf available in the market. You can get scarves available in dazzling colors to maximize the beauty of your wardrobe or you can choose one that will perfectly suits your own style and mood. Like with any other boho clothing, you can do experiment with your boho chic scarf. You can mix and match your different scarves with your clothes. A Boho chic scarf comes in many shapes, designs and colors. Their main characteristics are soft, comfortable, lightweight and stylish. Boho chic scarf are usually made from pashmina, silk, wool, velvet, crochet, cotton, satin, chiffon, nylon, Georgette, polyester and others. Normally, boho chic scarf designs are paisley, Ikat, Batik and florals in rich and earthy colors or anything that looks ethnic and folkloric. These patterns can surely bring out your bohemian style as they can create a unique and good quality of you when wear properly.

Many women use scarves during the colder days as it offers both warm for the body and stylishness. On the other hand, you can also wear it during summer season. Scarves that are in light materials are a perfect choice during hot days. Some of the best boho chic scarves can be found at Johnny Was like the BUTTERFLY FIELD GARDEN SCARF FOR ONLY $84, PRUDENCE SCARF FOR ONLY $84, JILL SCARF which is available in many different colors for only $64, WOODCREST SCARF for only $84 and so much more.

Choosing a scarf is not a silly job. The scarf you choose can make or break you look.
A fashionable piece of clothing that is used to add the beautiful appearance and style of any woman- the scarves. Women scarves have been in the fashion world for many years now. More and more women are becoming addicted to wear this simple piece of cloth. Scarves are a women accessories that should always be present in your wardrobe.

There are many ways to wear women scarves. You can wrap around your neck, sway it with your body to give you both style and protection. Yes, they can be a great protection by keeping you warm during the colder days. They are not made entirely to give you great look but warmth also.

Scarves when used during cold days are often matched with an arm warmers and a bonnet to tolerate freezing temperature. Moreover, this fashion accessory can also work well with a pair of gloves, mittens and more. Imagine how great wearing this piece of clothing to warm up our body instead if wearing those very heavy and unfashionable thermal clothing.

Among the hottest of women scarves styles today that can help us give warm and at the same time create a chic look are the Pashmina Wrap, Chunky Wool Scarf , Silk Scarf, Plaid, Fur, Vintage Scarf, Leopard and my favorite one, the Boho scarf.

Boho scarf as compared to jewelry are an exceptional accessories that can elevate your style and expand your outfit combinations without looking flashy. It can add a little bit of exotic flair to your style, showing your own personality and uniqueness. A real must- have in any fashinosta’s wardrobe.

Boho scarf are usually based from an ethnic design such as Ikat, paisley, florals, tribal print, Batik, and anything with ethnic motifs in rich and earthy colors. Whatever style you choose, boho scarf can surely enhance your casual outfit. If you are looking for top designs, Johnnywas can offer you the best one. Among the popular choice of many women are the Odette Scarf, Butterfly Field Garden Scarf, Winery Juliet Scarf, Forever Joy Scarf, Rainforest Tropical Scarf, Miller Change Scarf and the Jill Scarf which is available in variety of colors. There are lot more styles and designs you can find at Johnny Was. The price range from $68 to almost $200, quite affordable isn’t it?

Boho scarf can undeniably reveal a unique sense of joy, peace, warmth and kindness in you and those around you. They are amazingly elegant, and a great way to express beauty and style. Don’t be scared to experiment your own style with boho scarf. Get the many looks as you want from it and have fun. See fashion icons like Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, Joss Stone and try their techniques in wearing the boho scarf.
If you are looking for some ways on how you can sport your favorite fashion accessories like the boho scarf, you are exactly reading the right article. This article will tell you some tricks on how to top your simple outfit into a fabulous one using boho scarf.

During colder season, boho scarf are so popular. But there are also some women who used this accessory even during summer time. If you are enthused enough, you can actually both used boho scarf with either a breezy summer dress or a fall blazer. The idea is for you to lean how this boho scarf can be used accordingly to achieve a great boho chic fashionable look and be like a celebrity.

The first thing you have to consider in wearing scarves is the color and pattern that are going to use. There are varieties of boho scarf’ style you can choose in the market. Your chosen colors and pattern may depends on where you will going to use it; casual occasions or business one. Besides from these two aspects, you also have to spend some time skimming through the different fabrics. Some boho scarf was specifically designs for the summer and some are made to protect you from the cold. Make sure that you buy a boho scarf that can perfectly match any outfits available in your closet.

For a clearer view on how to wear rightly the boho scarf, give a glance to Nichole Richie, a fashion icon that gives proof of a great devotion for scarves. The accessory seems to have a central importance in her look. Usually, she uses animal prints and pastel colors boho scarf that can complement her overall appearance. Take a look on how she ties her colorful scarf and try to do it to yourself. On the other hand, you can also experiment and come up with your own way of wearing boho scarf.

Boho scarf can be worn around your neck or waist, it can also be worn as hair accessories, or wear it on your wrist, ankle or even in your bag. Whatever style you want to wear it or in whenever place you choose to put it, wearing boho scarf can absolutely change your overall appearance dramatically. Moreover, each of these ways of wearing scarves can also have many alterations. For instance, you can wear it wrapped around your neck with both end hanging in front of you or on the back or one is in front and the other is at the back. Other ways, is by doing cute knots or as a necktie. Same things goes when used it in hair, you can fold it into a triangle and tying it around the back of the neck, or folding it into a ribbon and wearing it as a head band.

One thing is for sure, like a celebrity, if you wear boho scarf properly, you will, without a doubt, get a fashionable, stunning look you ever wanted!